Enjoy True Asahikawa

Center of Asahikawa was build private house and offiece building, but move use car 20minute to arive around of Rice farm. It's very nice place.
And everywhere to go run! keep watch rice farm view. Particulay come spring season in irrigation to rice farm, can watch more nice view. Well famer plant Moss phlox to bank of farm, started bloom season's Phlox subulata can watch like a mirrer saw. This style was very nice view. Around color was all Moss phlox.

Run toractor, and started plant rice to can watch work of framer. And watch young rice green to splash farm. You can watch this nice feel view in driving.

Go away to center of town and keep saw rice fram view and have many around nature. Here have river and forest, sound of river. And live in many wild life. Please keep slowly feel listen come from natere sound.
Maybe can listen wildbird voice from leaf between tree, and come sound break-even like drum sound, maybe form eat bean of tree Squirrel, so you can meet them.

Melt snow to spring healthy wild life. And you can watch many kind of plant and flower. Interesting answer plant name., so it's fun!

Main river was Ishikari river flow in Asahikawa, and look like style japanese fan flow many kind of river. And have bridge was about 700. We know very important bridge, river and culture. We walk to levee of river, feel slow flow and pass to featre bridge style, you can enjoy watch many view.
And use cycling road pass to feel nature wind enjoy not few people.

To go winter season difficult walk to levee, but over very lower tempereture come to very nice view river.
Appear on tree frost-covered trees and appear fog of river. It's wonder world.

Basin in Asahikawa city. Therefore around view 360 angle watch all Mountain. This basin by defend Typhoon.
Say roof of Hokkaido, hghiest peak of Hokkaido was Daisetsu Mountain range. You can saw from Asahikawa, and main landmark view. Changed to foreseason was Mountain view style. It's very interesting.

So have many Mountain this town. You can challenge to many kind of corse mountain. and can try many kind of age. So can try weak foot people by use Ropeway. Please try fit your style.

Surprisingly not known glossy color on snow. In fact bright on snow because snow was white for easy to do reflection of town, and many colorful for winter wear, because bright on white snow and suit many color. For warm wear's down jaket to colorful, enjoy cold northland only this season fun selection of fashion.
With wear hat and globe, neck-warmer and muffler ect... you can enjoy selection. Let's enjoy in Asahikawa's Fasion!

Northland house was defend for cold super build and can keep warm. Because inner wall and outside put many defend muterial. And warm by enhanced heating equipment, Northland house inner room was very warm and comfortable. Japanese people many have use Kotatsu(like a table heating equipment) was this area people few use.
But coution walk again to warm and cold area, can sucsepible cold. Well
Please keep warm wear to go out side.
You can safe life in northland. And maybe think so 'Is this nice northland life?' and keep nice life in northland.

keep endlessly to go white snow road. Down snow about harf year this area and road. But healthy move car everyday in winter season. Use on snow to studless tire. Usual say for winter tire in place. Night drive was bright by reflection of headlight more summer time. But can't see view by snowstrm to whiteout.
So think try in snow drive, but think scary myself drive. But you can experience by use taxi drive, it's eazy drive on snow. Maybe fun!!
You can to go not experience zone.

All around white world in winter. Long long time in winter, but only this season watch view and experience. So more down temperature time was can see very nice world. Harf year down snow this place but few change fase snow by temperature and humidity. Yes! not only white color snow. Fall down snow change too by temperture and humidity.
Tokiwa park was in center of town, and keep on ice upside of pond, open few ice in water swimed waterfowl.
And come near spring season keep again melt by sun and cold to chenge bright face of snow.

Winter season use road side pile up snow by rid snow. Therefore too very wide road Hokkaido. And about few traffic volume by can fun drive in Hokkaido.
But Please not over spead drive. It's very danger. Please keep safty drive. This area was many had true accident. But usual wide road drive was very good! You can keep watch nice view in drive.

And out side town road fun long size straight road(sorry shorter in road of Arizona).
You try open window drive, maybe can listen voice wildbird.

Exciteing in summer trip! Interesting on train trip use Norokko train of JR Hokkaido. Start from Asahikawa to Biei - Lavender farm station - Furano, run on nice location, it's best choice!
And can open window come to fresh air. Keep sniff good smale of Lavender with run train was very nice trip! Glad to slowly run view point.

Enjoy! your nice trip.

Wow! Very nice place!!!
You can know new wonder land.
Please come to Asahikawa.