@Deep autumn in Hokkaido. And more cold come to the Asahikawa. Shine vally this name is Kamui kotan.

Route12 near locate to the Kamui kotan. Befor chenge route12 be side located. and exit symbol from Asahikawa. But chenge route now quiet vally. So slowly flow Ishikari river. Very nice view. This here long time a go run steam locomotive. In the remnent they are have been exhibited now. Season is autumn. Already fallen leaves too. But come soon have more fallen leaves.

Characteristic white bridge. name is the "Kamui oohashi". This view in maching. Here walk with rolling bridge. You can experience rolling. And Have a many nature. On movie in Hydrangea vine is the nature one.
This bridge down flow river is a Ishikari. Torrent flow to slowly here. And Deep wide vortex flow. There place is long time a go live in Sturgeon. Nice view autumn color in steam locomotive.