Club of carry on Mikoshi 2013
Hot summer by doing Suikyoku member. Go aorund to with god.
Seibu Department front
In 21 July 2013 doing carry on Mikoshi and with walk in city. Mikoshi was important for god. It's a japanese culture. Started from Tokiwa park in Kamikawa shrine say name Ton goo. Mikoshi went to Kaimono park in central city. One stop stay Seibu deprtment store front. and walk and some point have a rest. Last to went back shrine, So about finsh over 20:00. But they are very exsiting. Can feel get hot wave by carry's people.

Finish after on shrine front KiyariSay japanese Miya Dashi. It's mean go out from shrine. So out time about 3:45. It's start time. They went to goal Kaimono park. This matter was 29th. Next year come 30th anniversary. Well Mikoshi with walk have a 'Kiyari'. Kiyari was like a old style fire man, they play acrobatics use on made by bomboo ladder. and with walk too child Mikoshi. Change area to women about 2 jyo street carry on Mikoshi. Near finish to sunset after most exsiting by shrine front.

Carry on and walk
Carry on with keep walking.
Miya Dashi
From Shrine to stated Miya Dashi.


Club of carry on Mikoshi 2013