Say editer Start love to Japanese sweet some day.
Someday I saw japanese sweet, found this "Beauty" and impression. So say japanese sweet name is a "WAGASHI". WA = japanese GASHI = KASHI =sweet. I was gone to the Wagashi shop and buy this. Wagashi photo is left.
That look very nice and cute, and with very nice tast say"Best !".
I'm chase to Wagashi ... or I want maked Wagashi mine, maybe I think so found "Bearuty" of Wagashi.

Buy 3th Wagashi is feel four seasons. Yes ! Wagashi is have a this mearn "four seasons", and brilliant.

It's a use agar and white bearn jam and etc many kind of... I like "Nerikiri". I think so with drink bitter green tea.
I want see make a Wagashi seane. It's wonderful !

So I buy soon next Wagashi...
In many bean jam Wagashi name is a "INAKA MANJYU". INAKA = countryside MANJYU = manjyu. But I don't know say "INAKA MANJYU", I like this Wagashi. becase simple. Around white shell in gard bean jam is grain souce.

Best of populer Manjyu group is this. But importiant winner is only jam. So around shell is very important. Not good only dry. Important is a maching shell and bean jam.