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Live in Hokkaido JAPAN. This place in North JAPAN..
JAPAN Map CameraWe are Keep maked video infomation from Asahikawa and around.
Jun FujinagaThis place have many nice nature and cultuer.
So of course can eat yummy foods !

Surely found discover in this web TV.
We had many interesting contents.
ImageAbout up load video was infomation of local contents.

Maybe you not know place of Japan. It's very interesting area, and wrong assumptions to Japan. We tell you true infomation by use video and photograph and text. Please enjoy in we web TV.

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About Asahikawa city
You can watch about harf year snow. Maybe few chance can watch snow in Tokyo. So very cold in winter season this place. Asahikawa and around place winter season was about November to next yerr March. Well summer season was many kind of face of nature, Wildbirds, River sound, silent park and Mountain etc. Position was north of Japan. Asahikawa have International Air line Air port or Use near Air port was Aspporo city have Chitose International Air port. Distance to Asahikawa station by use train about 1.2hour.

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