Scene by Biei River
Cold flow
Asahikawa of early winte. Come flow from Biei town by Biei River. This river is join to the Chubetsu river in Asahikawa city. One time all white fall down snow this Biei river around in November. But melt all snow by warm air. Maybe hope wait come to fall down snow again. It's flow is very cold and feel smell winter. This shoot video point was Center city in bettween Kagura and Kamui.

Biei River Rich water by many come flow, by many fall down snow on Daisetsu mauntain range in Hokkaido. Befer melt snow and flowing to city and river to rich for drink water. And keep gaide by actident water. Come to winter scene in about harf year. It's flow by down ice some way.
Fruit of HermanusArounf river side is use play aria for park golf. People enjoy this aria. Listen water song with plaing golf was very nice. This shooting day was cover by fog, and good feel to this scene.

River around
Around river side green area.
Flowing cold water in river.


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