Asahikawa down degree over minus 10 now. It's came very cold season. Came soon fast speed to cold weather. Cold is change frost cover tree and make a drafting ice. Wildbird was keep life on cold water and swim between ice. Well sometime diving in water them. Maybepiking a feed. Winter is first look, however we shoot a cold river.

This time sjhooting mid december. Started to cold feel day. Of course came fog by river some area, and blight by sun to collaboration dead plants light brown and snow white feel gold color.
Next to go most long distance river of Hokkaido, name was Isikari river. Here live many wildbird every winter season. Trail run of Hakodate main rail way to after dancing snow. And in parallel way flow Ishikari river. Wildbird live so many and move up of river to down. Flowing river between them, yes ice and water both.

Flowting wildbird.

Flowing ice and cold water.