Asahikawa Summer festival 61th Fireworks show

In 1 August showing fireworks on river side Ishikari. It's with Summer festival Asahikawa. Doing every year. Came to many custmer in show place, and watch ivent show and next time lift to sky fireworks. They are waiting after fireworks. It's a just time open firework show in twilight. So enjoy dinamiic sound and with lift up fireworks.

Started time a just twilight zone. So nice view. This town have a many brigde and much dark light on fireworks. and with shoing dance hula or other event. People applause and enjoy. to finish after event next time main lift up Fireworks. Turning light off after came a lot of nice fireworks. Listen big sound and brightness. So enjoy many peoples. Show place have a many people on river side. But bloowng strong cold wind, but they say noploblem. Keep lift up on fireworks to enjoy all people. 打ち上げられた花火