Again early winter in Tomisawa.

Again went to Tomisawa forest road. Season was early winter. Started fall down snow, to watch scene. It's plan was go to sunny morning. But afternoon was change to darkness sky location and fall down snow, so come many fall don snow or together with the passege of time.Have a wear was daitomaceous. Well by not good condition to escape from this area. However get friesh nice feel air

Befer to come mid winter season.
Refrection to river on snow scene, like a art.

Just fall down snow in Tomisawa, Have many stay river this area. Scene was romatic by fall down snow and top water of river, it so like a art. And listen water flow sound to rilax for people. Summer time is listen many kind of wildbird voice, and watch sometime Kingfisher. It's a very rich forest and around.

Can watch water scene many position this area. But summer time is cover by Bamboo grass.

Thin ice and water flow.
Mid winter is have a deep ice on river But any point from can watch water. It's like a Suibokuga (Art). Can watch point make by strong water flow. Use by few time to dive Kingfisher. Build dark ice by silent fall down snow to fall again day by day.

Watch mud road in Tomisawa forest road by early winter. But can feel nice air and good walk. We wait change waht style to go next time.
See you next time again ! !

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I look forward to. Thank you.

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