God the Forest

In Higashikawa town have a Tenninkyo spa, pass way have God of the Forest. So long life tree about 900 year old. This place to pass Brich tree-lined go strait target dum of Chubetsu, and pass dum to go found 2way choice right way. Come soon found entrance right side. To pass way about 400m to goal place.

This God of the Forest place is deep forest and national park. Left side pic is watch to way Tenninkyo spa. You can meet many nature. And flow river ect. Listern a lot of voice of wildbird. Meet sometime Brown bear, it is coution. God of the forest can to way use car by near. Arrive and engine stop after all around deep nature. Please touch big tree. Maybe you can get lucky!! Good luck!! and Have a nice time.

Bloom a lot of wilfd flower.
God of the Forest


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