Have a many rice farm.
Came to Autumun in Higashikawa town. and drive to around Higashikawa. have a rice farm, farm, airport in this place. Singing song all autumun insect, and only get harvest wait rice farm. This place is very silent, and nothing come on comming car this way. So busy trafic around Asahikawa airprot.

farm This time location was runout in rice farm, arivet to wide open farm. This video driving car like very fast, but not fast speed way, about down 40 km speed driving. Many swing road way to after dead-end road. However this dead-end was so nice place and have a good view. Look up to sky flying many Dragonfly. Maybe have most feel autumn wind. So first scene listen jet sound was by fry to Asahikawa airport. This airport have a Higashikagura town. People drive to use framers road. and go to can Asahikawa way. Walk in farm cow was type Holstein for get milk. This way to coution and maner was don't into farm. Let's enjoy this trip to continuation.



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