How can kind of businness with my town to your country?

My country potition was north Japan. Down snow harf year. Summer was hot and Winter was cold had both area.

Hello! Come to my site custmer.
We think business to for my country and your country what kind of doing.
This place have many interesting for business muterial and content.
But we think not well know to other country people and companey.
We think have many business cahnce with your country, keep thinking everyday. Please tell me for exsample idia and sent to mail.
Maybe started to we and your country people and company.

We can do many kind of Bridging!
Well we are Internet Borad Casting Station. Had Web TV. We think can doing help for infomation travel and promote to other company.
Please sent to mail or phone call!
*Please Call time for Japanese langurage am9:00 to pm18:00