Nice spot Phlox and Tulip in this season Hokkaido.! This time guest is from Taiwan. Drive with large size taxi to see many flowers. First goal place is a Phlox of Takinoue park. Start is Rain and cloudiness. But changed nice weather in gaol place. and Many bloom Phlox.
Play timeFabout14min

Happy day in flowers and foods. We saw all around flowers and we glad. We can smell with come wind flowers. You can have best shoot spot many positions. And We are go to sushi restaurants for lunch in Monbetsu. This restaurants have friesh fish and all menu very good. It's seafood rice on many friesh fish.

So raw crub legs in seafood rice is best menu! Can eat raw crub is only best friesh. We ate daynamic. Go to fish cake shop seaside. In best fish cake is a situ soon fly. It's very yummy. So you can eat soon hot fish cake.

This time trip plan

Start Adagio BIEI Guest house
Pass to Kamikawa town. Go to the Takinoue town(Takinoue park)
Shopping in Monbetsu and lunch
Fish cake shop stay Monbets
Go to Kamiyubetsu town (Tulip garden)
Saw waterfall in Sounkyo
Go to Asahikawa airport

You can see many kind of Tulip in Kamiyubatsu town. and You can see Tonden soldier history in musium. And can on vehicle run aound garden, 300yen price.

She can get stump and get smile.

Find many number of petals flower. Over 5th petals. And Maybe come happy to you.

*Taxi fare (Rates are all one. Since money is divided by the number rates.)

Regular cab(4-seater) 5.060yen*6hour=30.360yen
Middle clus cab(4-seater) 6.500yen*6hour=39.000yen
jumbo size taxi(9-seater) 7,860yen*6hour=47.160yen

*other, You can make a free corse. Details of the trip negotiable.

Regular cab

OR... Middle cab

Jumbo size taxi (9 seater)
Let's go ! !

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You can also wait at the airport. Booking by phone. Eliminating the need for troublesome minor movement.

Please enjoy the journey might.

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