Trip of many bloom in Biei and Furano

This trip custmer was foreign student from Vietnam, stay in Higashikawa town. They for laern japanese. This trip with waer cultuer costume Ao dai. It's most lovely watch trip view.

Sing a song Vietnam song in taxi.
Play about 13min

Listen discription by guide Hamada about land mark tree say 'Oyako's tree' and many bloom fflower and potato.

They many shoot pic Blue pond in Shirogane. So very nice view. Maybe take a many memory. This pond is real blue color by melt aluminum, not only refrection blue sky.

*This watched point
Biei and Furano
farm Tomita@

They walk in full bloom Lavender in farm Tomita place Naka Furano. This style like a dream. This farm come many custmer because need a many time use to go. Can't soon in farm from entrance. This farm admission free.

This way from Biei to Shirogane area both side plants many White birch road. Many people come to taget this way for walk. And can break time in Forest of Bilke. It's near Blue pond. Please your for toilet time.

Best look on ovservatory in farm Tomita. Bloom many flower whole surface. And have different farm East by farm Tomita. If crowded this farm recommended to go East. It place near from farm Tomita.

*Taxi fare (Rates are all one. Since money is divided by the number rates.)

Regular cab(4-seater) 5.060yen*6hour=30.360yen
Middle clus cab(4-seater) 6.500yen*6hour=39.000yen
jumbo size taxi(9-seater) 7,860yen*6hour=47.160yen

*other, You can make a free corse. Details of the trip negotiable.

Regular cab

OR... Middle cab

Jumbo size taxi (9 seater)
Let's go ! !

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