Trip by Jumbo Taxi Early autumn on Biei and Sounkyo

Hill of Shikisai was Very wide flower garden. Walking ride on Norokko Viecle, and exsiting watch nice view from Akita guest.

This garden many change for season. It's a interesting change style.
Movie play about 15min

They went to Sounkyo. One stop Sake factry and drink Sake, Nice taste Sake. This factry name Otoko yama. It's mean Man mountain. They bought some Sake,

New spot of Biei. It's very wide caw farm. Build for guest walk way.It's view wide growing grass and could walk guest.

Use ride rope way to up Kuro mountain, and look down valley Sounkyo. Few fast timming watch autumn color, but we have a 2013 movie autumn color Sounkyo. Please wacth this back number. Click hear.

*Taxi fare (Rates are all one. Since money is divided by the number rates.)

Regular cab(4-seater) 5.060yen*6hour=30.360yen
Middle clus cab(4-seater) 6.500yen*6hour=39.000yen
jumbo size taxi(9-seater) 7,860yen*6hour=47.160yen

*other, You can make a free corse. Details of the trip negotiable.

Regular cab

OR... Middle cab

Jumbo size taxi (9 seater)
Let's go ! !

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