Autumn color leaf in Kaguraoka park

Fallen leaves
In 23 October 2013 Very nice view autumn color leaf in Kaguraoka park Asahikawa city. Everyone enjoy say 'Very nice!' and shooting pictuer but come few people, it is silent in park. Here is very easy comeing use car and with side have a shrine of the Kamikawa. Maybe you can get lucky. We think keep autumn color leaf few time, you can watch this last view in this year.
Red leaf of Maple Very nice color in this Kaguraoka park coz by have a lot of kind tree. This one large size leaf of Quercoideae and red leaf maple. And have a watch red and orange gradation leaf. So nice feel walk on fallen leaves. This park full enjoy natural art, have a green station and down hill to arrive to Japaneaes park too. This park fame with Tokiwa park too. It's walk to way from green station can arrive enjoy virgin forest. This way to most point have Water liliy of the pond. Yes and to go park side is can listen car sound by near natioanl highway, it isarea of city. Not late for watch autumn color leaf. Yes!! Lets go to the this park in this year.


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