Whisper by Forest
This location near center of Asahilawa city. However not found such a nice location. Name is a Kami-ubun. Started by area Tomisawa to come keep deep forest. And flow river on forest, and live in wild animal and wild birds. About to 15 min by car location. Find park area side of narow road and listen song of the wild birds. And not only wildbers song other many kind of sound.

Mos This season(Sept) sterted fall color and to be more deep color. Lonly after all fall down leaf.
ForestGood look spesian red color is Mountaine grapes, maybe easy find by strong red color, and wet by life mos. Well mos and other for life rich. Had road few number becose don't to get lost. Yes don't pass way, important one stop and watch around and listen. Maybe feel good. And listen flow water song by small river. We think care important sush a forest.

Like a Accessories seed
Like a Accessorries sheed.
Mountain grapes leaf
Shaine into yellow on red color Mountain grapes.


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