Have bloom many flower
Central Jr Hokkaido Asahikawa station do around development. Say name area 'Kitasaito'. Concrrent with Rever Chubetst and rail road 'Hakodate main rail' and 'Soya main rail','Furano rail'. Cental area to vertical to extend have a 'Kaimono park'. This street was first open in Japan only walk people road. And this street forever only for walk now too. This way was have a many shop and deperment store.

Asahikawa Station Drafting ice on river 15 Jan 2017. Minus 19 degre. Some day most cold day, however maybe full in this cold degree. Maybe most cold day was have a high humidity and stay many fog and frost coverd tree. Herer around center of the town. Stay people keep life strong have a spilit. Here could play wlking ski course. We have a more courde too on Kagura hill park. But here course was to easy. Just now closure many way rail on keep line this station and around. It's need a this line.

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East concours
Prolouge 22 August 2013
Open garden
Preopen Kitasite Garden
Sep 2013


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