Sprout Season in Kagura-oka park
Kobushi magnolia
Came to warm now. It's a last april. Kagura-oka park have a many sprout for new leaf. This short film was hope feel new early spring. up side photo was Kobushi magnolia. About bloom same season of the Charry blosom. Maybe bloom seaon 20th may. It's a orijinal type Cherry blosom. Kobushi magnolia f;ower's color pure white. This time sprout like a Willow.

Sprout Asahikawa have a famous tow park, Tokiwa park and Kagur-oka park. Well Kagura-oka park is a pure forest. It's a keep pure style. This park near center of the city, and many people use exsample walking.
Asian skunk cabbageAsahikawa's spring was far, Cherry blosom about 20th may. However watch may nature and fan walk.I think what bloom style this season's question. This town's wether to be warm air.And come to watch a lot of flowwer and plants. So interesting.

Japanese Tit
Sing song Japanese Tit now.
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker was find meal into tree.


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