Light up zoo Asahiyama
Light up zoo is every year event. Come again in 2020 too. Open 6th to 11th Feb 2020 in Asahiyama zoo. Light up start about 4pm to 8:30. Enter to limit 8:00pm. Wake up some animals and can watch. This zoo had many slope and wide area. You need warm wear and for snow shoes.

夜の情景 This shoot by 2019 event. Light up started 4pm. However this day was 4:30pm. Asahikawa is little fall snow this year. About 40% cover snow by every year. This point is swing light candle and friendly walk animals and sound by animals. And you can watch town light view far. Come many late time custmer. It's different feel day time. You can enjoy light up zoo walk and friendly. time.

Howling wolf by some sound. Maybe inside broadcasting.
Light up stairs on slope.


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