Mushroom hunting in July 2013
This time went to Koshiji Kamikawa town. It's a very deep forest.
We meet soon down car after. It's a very easy. Everybody think can many type hunt Mushroom today. and keep going in walk to forest. Found keep again and again. Maybe by fall down raines some day ago. It's very good condition for mushroom.

Look like a poison "Amanita muscaria" is can eat "Amanita hemibapha".

Shoot : July 2013. About 17min *Polyporus umbellatus fault. Polyporus true. Hydnum repandum fault. Polypores true.

Mushroom Dr. Sato

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Musrroom? We think soon poison. And think too "Can eat?" "Can't eat?", but other mearn in Mushroom. More mean have mushroom. It's interesting this story. I think so. I with walk mushroom clun's Kamikawa from 2005. I can saw many mushroom in forest. It's very interesting. I want with walk you. If you want contactt us to Dr. Sato send mail staff please. (Dr. Sato is can't speak english) E-mail :