Picture of the arund airport in Nishikagura
Have a wide grassland area in around airport.
So nice white flower in Soba farm
Just now July. Rice farm in can watch many white flower's soba farm in Nishikagura Asahikawa. If you can watch white flower so Soba. Like a wave on farm and soft slope. Here is near airport Asahikawa, and hava a many rice farm. Interesting drive way on up and down road. It's a very fun.

広がる草原 7月らしい入道雲Very nice view sky. Maybe more nice view most only lean sky. It's mean have a lot of type cloud sky. It's like a style of Hokkaido. It's maybe enjoy for come to custmer. Here is near runway of the airport. Because plane to approach or take off to go way. Arrive to airport after choice and drive for farm road, it's a very nice view and up down way. Yes your enjoy this drive road. This way to can meet popularity sighteseeing point 'Hill of Syujitsu'.


Picture of the around airport in Nishikagura