Rekka Tanabata Festival 2013

In 3 August. To walk rout in Syowa street on vehicle for festival. It's festival doing same day with Asahikawa summer festival and Sanroku festival. Tanabata is mean for star story. All japan about Tanabata is doing July. But Hokkaido was late be in August. IN town central move came many for festival vejicle. Say 'Rekka! Rekka!' 'Soiya! Soiya!'. Rekka mean excite. and Enjoy around people.

17:00 to 22:00 showing. Moving very long time in walk. It's listen people voice and big japanease drame's sound. Vehcle on top brightness by Andon. They are walk in many people. This festival is just now about most big festival in Asahikawa. With open festival 'Sanroku festival' and 'Asahikawa festival' too. and open a lot of shop too. You can drink beer and nice taste meat. This festival is come 23th. Vehicle around many people dance too. 4th street in cross road by move only green light, just time keep most speed vehicle. But only run green light. and came to finish on 5th street.