Wait to come spring sea of the Rumoi
Ougon cape
Mar midle came to melt snow in Rumoi, however cold and blowing strong wind. There is nice view for sun sunset poin.s Ougon cape. But have a many cover snow yes. It's a can't walk near spot. And closed shop and restaurant too. They wait come srpring. But maybe soon come to warm season, and come to many custmer. This Rock section enjoy fishing small Crab.

Today had moderate wind on sea. Watch swing fising bort and white lighthouse by warm air. Good look many wild bird, and small iland had a they are stay. And Rumoi harbor was nothing ship now. It's a nothing fishing bort and cary ship. It's a feel lonely now. However soon come spring and come many people,

Slowly frow Ougon cape.

Building old type.


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