Top of the mountain
Into season's winter can climb easy drive on car has location top of the mountain. Here is around Tokachi mountai spa. This route way to use Kami-furano corce to climb by your car. Closure way Biei Shirogane route, can't pass way. Change route Kami-furano. This shoot was by top of the Tokachi mountain spa side. Spa name Ryoun-kaku.

晴れた日の情景 This spa is can only one day into Onsen and had a parking space. You can watch this view by into Open spa(Roten-buro) too! It's sone\ive view!!
Not closure this way and to top of the mountain in winter, but other a lot of location is a closesure route. If you unconfident drive snow to use taxi. Had many cover snow on around tree. However scenery is wonderful and mysterious. And you can find watch small size on moutain walk skiyer and climber on top of the mountain. Let's enjoy winter season's Hokkaido.

Low tree on near top of the mountain.
Valley frowing small river.


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