Shiro Hige  waterfall and early winter of Shirogane
Flow water color is blue
In November 2013 Not come fall and cover snow town area. But like a mid winter view in Shirogane area of Biei town. Few different hight place was soon change scene. To cold world. But It's a can watch nice scene. So went to one more nice point was Shiro Hige waterfall. So dynamic fall. It's feel exsiting zone.

Shiro Hige waterfall This place was very nice view by sunny sky. But this time watch deep snow and white scene. So cover by snow cloud. This view was from Tokachi mountain rage to bottom. And some area keep out by deep cover snow only witer season. Can't move use car. Yes can move by walk only with snowshoe. This area have really toure by snowshoe trip. Need a for watch nature winter and snow scene. Well can to go point this Shiro Hige waterfall in winter season too. You can enjoy drive to car to this point. This waterfall was up to fog by cold water. So nice view and feel fantastic. And around place have a many stay hotel. Your trip very easy enjoy. Let's enjoy nice trip!

Nice view cover Snow
On cover snow stem.
Deep snow by around Tokachi mountain range
Fantastic snow deep forest.


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