Have many autumn leaf
Seasonal tradition is autumn color of Sounkyo. Change started from north to down south. This plase have time about one hour from Asahikawa. Very fast speed change in this particular. So hope this scene watch come many tourist. And can climb to Kuro mountain by Rope way. Yes!! Let's enjoy watch nice autumn color.

Rough racks Green and autumn color [What is a Sounkyo?]
Sounkyo is build by about thirty thousand ago, made by fire volcano, and after erosion by water flow of the Ishikari river. Maybe first look feel deep emotion, becaus by about keep 24km and hight 200m is rock wall, feel dinamic panorama. And hava a many spa in this town. This area very populality summer and winter both. Winter season open Ice festival named Hyobaku.
Mikuni pass is north from Kamishihoro to use on rout 275. This point have a rest area like a observatory, and this point to watch feel dainamic and wide view. And most moving to south come Taisetsu dam. This one by defend water damage and build by airtificial lake. Watch can Aka moutain this point have a lingerring snow.
Mikuni passAnd most move come confluence to route 39. This point after move keep watch rock wall world. Vertical rock wall on plants tree red and yerrow and orange color, feel narrow for tree.
Taisetsu pass
Vally by watch bird view Recording Episode
Waterfall of the GingaWe think started point from Mikuni pass. But way to goal en rout watch noting nice color reaf, yes maybe noting Mikuni pass too. Bingo arrive Mikuni pass point nothg autumn color. But started shooting this point first. And meet visiter from Taipei tourlist, in Ginga waterfafall He say take a pic. But a this shooting mean with me. We surprised this matter. Oh nice shooting. And hope nice trip.


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