Came spring on the airport side

to be runding
This location on Asahikawa airport of Higashikagura. To be at the Syujitu hill route. However closed in winter season, and i found open gate. And into the this route. It's by melt snow. There route can pass narrow. It's a melt by sun and snow escape by human to collaboration molding. So nice art, It's a excelent!
Art of the snow
Art by wind a snow molding.
It's a miracle matter by made wind. Some time to down airplane use same side way too.
MoldingBecose around location runway side. I can saw this scene keep long time still. Some time caver snow and dead plant by hibernation.They are repeat every year. The after mel snow maybe bloom a lor\t of wild flower. It's a amazing story.
Sleeping some plant.
Like a TerrierIt's a look like Terrier of dog.


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