Carry Omikoshi by group Suikyoku
This event continue from Samurai age. Carry one of year by group Suikyoku. They are some area carry on summer time. Carry Omikoshi was for watch town bt God. Yes ride on god only this time.This year carry two Omikoshi. Usualy only one. Start location important shrine Kamikawa-tongu on Asahikawa city.

control It's start ceremony name Miya-dashi. This mean sed out God. and keep hope safty and sing song original.
startThis carry course round trip about 3.2km. Carry man name Katsugite. Sure carry female too! It's a many Katsugite. Change some part carry and keep all way. Some time rest area to stop and rest. Sight seeing near this point. Because need a straight landing. If no straight to be try again and exciting watch custmer. this trip take time about 5 hour.

Group Suikyoku site (Japanese)
Cantrol Operator

Came back
Wait came back Shrine..
Exciting night time.


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