Red leaf
It's a story of the forest. Interesting vein by sun shaine pass to leaf and can watch. It's alike a blood vein of the human. This rout is a important for leaf. Use this pass way for water and nutrition. I walk with spot only Vein. Lacetion by Kagura-oka park of the Asahikawa city. It's use everyone and easy watching forest. Do you walk change angle watch and walk?

Hall Some day meet uncle on park and tell this forest. He say don't cut tree area. Becose keep save forest and this forest was virgin forest. And here was center of city.
SquirrelIt's a walker and some people was shooting by camera. Live in Squirrel and North-fox and Wood stock etc fly wild bird. However this time watched only leaf and vein. I think exsample deside one thema and on walk forest to be can't see some scenry can watch other scenry and story. It's around watch mine too mean. And it is a very fan. Need not far. To easy watching. I think art of leaf by made insect.